About Us

Classroom management training- We train and support teachers throughout the academic year for effective classroom management practices. Case studies and role plays are some of the components of our classroom management workshops for teachers.

Teacher lesson plan and micro schedule training – We also conduct training sessions to facilitate teacher understanding of lesson plans and micro schedules. New teachers undergo a comprehensive training camp while existing teachers are constantly updated while upgrading academic content.

Exposure to latest teaching tools- We also empower teachers with the latest in teaching support tools and technology in order to effectively implement instructional strategies.

Assessment training - We extend services to empower teachers to understand and manage the assessment process.

Parent Management – We also understand the need to train teachers to handle parents queries and related matters. At times when the need arises, we also train parents on content, to facilitate them to teach children at home and also on matters such as positive parenting, Technology etc.

Event planning – Events are an essential part of our academic calendar. We give guidelines and also train teachers for conducting events.