About Us

Digital Learning has become an integral part of our prevailing Education system.  We offer Digital Education solutions to schools while upgrading existing technology to suit evolving requirements. We provide a combination of digital media solutions, including multi media teaching aids in the form of text, images, audio-video to facilitate a multi sensory approach to knowledge sharing.

School ERP and IT Management : School Management system support is possible through the use of our ERP and IT management services.

The parent portal has unique login credentials issued to parents to enable them to review their ward’s academic performance, health, attendance and other relevant information.

Additionally, Parent App is also available through which parents can get information about their child.

Online fee payment is also possible through the parent portal / App , making the process smooth for parents.

We are actively present on social media and regularly update our content with latest events and activities.

Additionally SMS alerts are also provided on a regular basis to keep parents updated about latest happenings at school- change in bus timings, child attendance etc.

We E-enable classrooms and the Smart Boards that we provide have been selected carefully incorporating the best of animations, videos and other media from renowned sources such as BBC, Encyclopaedia Britannia and National Geographic.

Smart boards, tab labs, science labs, aero-modelling labs, robotics labs etc. are some of the highlights of our technological services.

We provide GPRS services on buses to enable parents to easily track their child while they are travelling in the school bus.

Administrative solutions :

Our administrative services are comprehensive, providing support in the following areas-

    • Recruitment: We facilitate services such as recruitment of teaching, non-teaching, ancillary staff etc.
    • Payroll: We undertake complete processing of payroll along with complete monthly Statutory filing comprising PF, ESI, Professional Tax, TDS etc.
    • Repairs and Maintenance: We take care of building maintenance, liaison with local departments such as electricity, water, municipal corporations etc. We also ensure that these processes are carried out smoothly.
    • School re-design- We also redesign a campus or design new campus so that students have a conducive learning environment, while also ensuring optimal space utilization and considering cost.
    • Accounting Records Management: We also provide services to create and implement success driven accounting, finance and management strategies.
    • We take care of monthly Management Information Reporting of all our clients. We ensure accurate reporting practises.

      We regularly provide information to the Education department.

      Our services ensure schools’ compliance with mandatory laws such as PF, ESI, Income Tax, Charity Commissioner etc.

    • Partner and Vendor Management : Our services to schools also include maintaining a seamless network of specialized, need based and on-demand database of service providers.