Academic Support

We provide an integrated curriculum interwoven with technology to deliver enhanced learning opportunities for students. Planning academics and its execution with teachers and resource management are some of the key features of our academic support and services. There are many others like:


Our Centre Academy Team

It is a group of dedicated people who come from excellent academic backgrounds. Having worked in various schools and curriculum development teams across the country, they bring with them rich and resourceful experience related to school operations, academics and knowledge of different boards.

Our Lesson Plans

Designed by the Central Academic Team, our lesson plans are in conformity with educational research across the world. The lesson plans cater to all types of learners and accommodate various learning styles.


Centralised Micro Schedules of every class are uploaded online. These schedules are closely monitored by the school authorities and the Central Academic Team so that the classes happen on time and as per the lesson plans.

Quality Control

Enforcing and maintaining quality is our topmost priority. The Implementation team ensures that the research-backed plans are implemented successfully and smoothly in the schools.

Enriched Curriculum

A host of events like field trips, guest lectures and other real-life experiences along with subjects kits, audio-visual aid, are a part of the curriculum. These experiences facilitate wholesome learning and help the child deal with real-life situations.


We help schools with the procurement and distribution of books and notebooks.Designed by Central Academic Team, decodable books and storybooks are also timely bought.

Study Material

We play an instrumental role by developing high quality and effective learning material for students.

Student Counselling

We offer support programs for students to help them deal with school situations and any other issues they may face. We also conduct workshops on various social and school-related matters.

Career Counselling

In the last decade, a panorama of options have opened up for students, with a multitude of opportunities in a host of rising sectors. We provide career counselling to students by identifying and matching student’s strengths with interests and aptitudes.

Specialised Training

We also provide specialised Training for the students who display an interest in the specific fields.

Transport Support

We take care of the route planning and supervision along with overlooking transporter’s compliance.

School Property Management

Our services also encompass maintenance of classroom, laboratories, common area, play area and other facilities apart from AMCs of computers, tab-lab, digital board, robotic labs and other play equipment in the school.


We constantly work with schools and based on their ‘Training Needs Analysis’ reports, we conduct sessions wherever training needs are identified and accordingly, training is provided to teachers, office executives and ancillary staff.